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Who we are

Hello! we are some artists and educators and also moms and dads.

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on March 10, 2022.

Children’s Privacy

There are third-party ads in our apps, and also we do cross-promote our other products or the products on our related apps. There are some third-party service providers we use in our apps are to support our internal operations and we collect some data that is personally identifiable in our apps for children to help us provide you with the best service, also we work with third-party analytics providers Mixpanel, Firebase, and Google Analytics in our apps for children.
Their respective Privacy Policies can be found at,


These companies help us to understand your use of the apps. In association with them, we may collect your unique device identifier, IP address, mobile phone carrier, game progress, time spent playing, achievements, and bug and crash reports. This information is for internal use only and can´t be shared. It´s just for us to help us improve our services for you.

General Privacy

What Kind of Information is Collected?

There are two types of data that may be collected in the same apps like ZireGonbadeKabood. The first one is called personal data. This is personally identifiable information that identifies a user as an individual. ZGK may collect some personal data for the next improvement and better stories. The second type is non-personal data which doesn’t directly identify an individual or which may have been personal information but has had the personally identifiable information removed. ZGK also may collect non-personal information about the use of the website and apps to help us improve our services.

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